Editing subscriptions

In the Submarine UI in the Shopify Admin, you have the ability to edit a subscription record. You are able to:

  • Change the price and quantity of existing items in the subscription;
  • Add new items to the subscription;
  • Change the customer's billing & shipping address details;
  • Change the subscription frequency;
  • Change the date the next subscription order will be generated;
  • Update the subscriptions' nickname;
  • Change the shipping method used for subscription orders;
  • Change the customer's payment method for the subscription.

Demonstrated below is editing a subscription record; making changes to the customer's subscription frequency, next order date, and payment method.


  • Changes to the customer's billing and shipping address details in Submarine do not automatically sync to the customer record within Shopify itself.
  • If changes to the customer's name, email, and/or phone number are needed, make the updates in the Shopify customer record directly and the changes will be automatically synced to the Submarine UI.