Membership cancellation flow

When a subscription is cancelled it is effective immediately, however a membership cancellation is treated differently.

When a membership is elected to be cancelled, it first goes into a Pending Cancellation status. This status means that the customer will still have access to their membership until the end of the membership period that has been paid for. Once the membership reaches the end date, it will then be cancelled once and for all, at which point the membership will shift into a Cancelled status.

For example, customer purchases a 12-month membership on 6 January 2022. On 12 December 2022, the customer decides they do not want go ahead with the membership renewal in January and opts to cancel it. The membership will go in to the Pending Cancellation status, flagging that the membership is set to be cancelled but still providing the customer to their membership benefits until 6 January 2023. Following this January date, the membership will automatically shift to the Cancelled status and the customer will no longer be able to access their membership.

There is also the option to forego the Pending Cancellation state and cancel the membership immediately, if the customer does not want to access any membership benefits until the end of their billed period. As shown in the below screencast, the 'Cancel membership now' button can be selected after selecting the initial cancellation option for this scenario.