Supported payment methods

List of payment methods supported by Submarine.

While Submarine provides its own payment gateway for integration with the Shopify checkout, the tokenisation and processing of payments is handled by one of Submarine's supported payment processors, which is configured for each merchant.

This page lists the current state of integration for a range of major payment processors and the payment methods they offer. If your payment processor isn't on this list, please contact Disco Labs to explore adding support.

Currently supported


Credit card, Paypal and Venmo payment methods are fully supported.

Apple Pay and Google Pay payment methods are conditionally supported.


Credit card and SEPA Direct Debit payment methods are fully supported.


Credit card payment methods are fully supported.


All payment methods supported by the Komoju Multi-Pay Widget are supported.


Manual payment methods like Cash on Delivery (COD) or Manual Bank Transfer are supported.

Paypal Billing Agreements

Historical Billing Agreements created with Paypal can be migrated to Submarine.

Proprietary Processors

A number of proprietary payment processors have been integrated into Submarine.


Payflow Pro

Credit card and Paypal payment method support is being explored.

Shop Pay

We are exploring the addition of Shop Pay support for subscription and other use cases.

Zip Pay

We are exploring adding support for tokenised Zip Pay payment methods.

Not yet supported


Afterpay payment methods are unsupported as Afterpay does not support tokenisation at this time.