Submarine subscription flagging

Following the release of v1.37, Submarine gained the opt-in ability to highlight subscriptions which are unprocessable as well as a notification workflow to alert the merchant when a subscription has been flagged as unprocessable.

The table below outlines the possible reasons for why a subscription would be flagged, and what the next steps are to resolve.

Flag reasonFlag reason detailSuggested course of action
Email contains an invalid domain nameThe subscription order is unable to be generated due to an invalid domain name in the customer's email.Merchant to contact the customer to confirm the correct email address, and update against the subscription.
Customer not foundThe customer associated with the subscription no longer exists in the Shopify Admin.None - Submarine will automatically cancel the subscription.
Charge request error limit reachedSubmarine received error from the payment processor when trying to generate the subscription order and process the charge.Merchant to contact the payment processor to understand why errors were returned during payment capture attempt. Alternatively, merchant to contact the customer to add a different payment method to the subscription.
Timed out connecting to serverSubmarine attempted to process and build the order in Shopify however its' requests timed out trying to connect to the server.The subscription will go into a flagged status. After the merchant approves the subscription, Submarine will automatically retry processing the order.

Following any changes made to customer emails, payment methods, and/or products contained within a subscription, the 'Approve Subscription' button will need to be clicked to trigger reprocessing attempts.