Submarine and Shopify Flow

If you're not already familiar, Shopify Flow is an app where you can build automated process flows - "if this happens, then do that". See Using Submarine with Shopify Flow for some extra information.

Submarine can work together with Shopify Flow to perform a variety of useful automated actions. Depending on your store needs, you might like to be able to identify subscription customers in the Shopify Customers admin or in exports through the use of a tag, notify an internal team or customers when their stored credit card is about to expire, or send a notification to a customer a number of days before their next subscription order is due to process. These flows can be easily set up in the Shopify Flow app using the Submarine triggers.

Triggers such as notifications are configurable based on merchant needs - you can see the list of available configurations and their default values in Submarine subscription configuration options.

The Submarine triggers available to be used in Shopify Flow are:

Customer first subscriptionA customer created a first new subscription
Items removed from a subscriptionOne or more items have been removed from a subscription
Payment action failedA payment action (for example, authorisation or capture) failed to complete successfully
Subscription cancelledA subscription has been cancelled by Submarine
Subscription flaggedA subscription has been flagged by Submarine
Subscription item status updatedThe status of an individual subscription item has been updated by Submarine
Subscription renewedA subscription/membership has been successfully renewed
Subscription status updatedA subscriptions' status has been update by Submarine
Upcoming card expiryA customer's stored credit card is expiring soon
Upcoming subscription orderA subscription order is upcoming for a customer
Upsell successfully processedAn upsell has been successfully processed by Submarine

Flow set-up examples

Send an email to the internal team when a subscription has been flagged

This flow will look like the below when you've set it up. You can add a number of different variables to the subject and body of the email depending on what information is useful to you.


Tag customers who have active subscriptions

Having the condition (second step) in this flow will ensure only customers who have active, not paused or cancelled, subscriptions are tagged accordingly.


Notify a customer of an upcoming subscription order

In this flow, the action feeds into your marketing email provider - Klaviyo in this instance - to trigger the sending of the email to the customer. By hooking into your email provider's platform, you can ensure customers receive consistently branded emails from your store.


We're continuously adding new triggers, but if there is something particular you would like to see, reach out to us. Likewise, if you're not quite sure how to set up a particular flow and need a hand, reach out to us at [email protected].