Introduction for merchants

Submarine is a tokenised payment platform that allows Shopify Plus merchants to build bespoke customer experiences around:

  • Subscriptions;
  • Memberships;
  • Pre-sales;
  • Crowdfunding;
  • Saved payment methods; and
  • One-click purchases and upsells.

Compared to other subscription or payment solutions available in the market, Submarine:

  • Uses the native Shopify checkout. This in turn means:
    • Merchants can retain control over checkout customisations;
    • Shopify's ability to handle high-volume and flash sales in checkout is retained;
    • Shopify Scripts are fully supported for custom discounting logic;
    • Native Shopify discount codes and gift cards are supported without duplication;
    • Shopify's native fraud detection rules are still applied;
  • Does not duplicate products or SKUs within the Shopify admin;
  • Integrates directly with the Shopify admin for order management, including refunds;
  • Provides a comprehensive customer-facing theme API for completely bespoke payment and subscription management by customers;
  • Provides a bevy of Shopify Flow actions and triggers, allowing "out of the box" integration with other systems such as loyalty, email marketing, and referral apps;
  • Allows integration with localised or proprietary payment processors.